What we do


Canada Cancer and Aging Research Laboratory (CCARL) is a research and development company offering a personalized approach to cancer treatment.

Empowered by decades of knowledge on molecular signatures of various cancers, sex- and age-specificity of cancer response to treatment, molecular and biochemical characteristics of regulation of various pro- and anti-cancer pathways, CCARL has been able to generate a product that allows doctors to make case-by-case decisions as far as a patient’s treatment is concerned.


We are a Canadian company that is actively involved in cancer and aging research.

CCARL combines the knowledge of genetics, epigenetics, the molecular and cellular biology of cancer with the information from all available public databases and our own profiling experiments to create a powerful tool that allows to develop the most effective and individualized cancer treatment plan.
In Canada, CCARL has an exclusive license to use the power of OncoFinder, a unique integrated bioinformatic system developed by Pathway Pharmaceuticals (HongKong), for bringing personalized cancer treatment approaches to Canadians.
CCARL is the sole research and development company in Canada that undertakes such an exclusive molecular analysis of patients’ tissue samples including complete transcriptome profiling, analyzing the affected intracellular molecular signaling pathways, and predicting the best target therapeutics that may efficiently stop cancer progression in each case of an individual patient’s tumor. Furthermore, CCARL remains the only company in Canada that offers a complete analysis of clinical trial databases focused on the case of each individual patient, which may sufficiently increase the success of therapy.
The knowledge and skills of Pathway Pharmaceuticals and CCARL board-certified medical review committee is the driving force of the whole diagnostic method. CCARL is using the most modern technology to incorporate the molecular assessment of each patient’s tumor with his/her actual past medical history and propose a specific treatment strategy for each patient. Both companies engage top professionals in the field to constantly update and enhance the technological basis for the decision-making process.
In conclusion, Canada Cancer and Aging Research Laboratory merges together a patient’s medical history with the results of molecular profiling of tumor samples, which leads to the recommendation of specifically targeted anticancer drugs. The procedure is fully user-friendly and offers multiple options that allow the identification of the most effective treatment plan for each cancer patient individually.