Projects under development

Leukemia Module

CCARL continues to further develop and improve the efficiency of OncoFinder for the analysis of various cancers.

CCARL works with several clinicians and researchers to improve the efficiency of Oncofinder in analyzing pathways altered in leukemia and in ranking drugs to be used for treatment. CCARL prepares a special module for the analysis of leukemia.


MS Target

CCARL works with scientists and clinicians to develop algorithms for detection of transcriptomes specific to various types of multiple sclerosis and responses to disease-modifying therapies.   CCARL seeks collaborations with scientists and clinicians to make more comprehensive database of MS transcriptomes. We aim to develop a new platform, using algorithms similar to those of the OncoFinder, that would allow to perform comprehensive analysis of pathways altered by MS. This will further allow us to rank available drugs in a personalized manner, thus making the management of this disease efficient and cost-effective, and potentially side effect-free.


Healthy metagenomics

We are developing a comprehensive database of metagenomics of oral cavity and intestine and compiling an atlas of healthy human metagenome. Furthermore, we are analyzing potential associative and correlative links between specific metagenomes and certain chronic human diseases.

At the next stage, we will analyze various compounds (in silico and experimentally) for their capacity to restore healthy metagenomes.


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